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CVE-2013-4232 analyis

After long time i did some quick analysis. here are the details for CVE-2013-4232:


if you look at the patch here:



there is only 1 line of code added:

+ return(0);
} else {
you see the return statement above? well thats it, its a user after free vulnerability. here is the full code:
“Can’t allocate %lu bytes of memory for t2p_readwrite_pdf_image, %s”,
(unsigned long) t2p->tiff_datasize,
t2p->t2p_error = T2P_ERR_ERROR;
return(0); – this is the fix
} else {
t2p->tiff_datasize *= t2p->tiff_samplesperpixel;
t2p_sample_realize_palette(t2p, buffer); -> if function does not return then code will use buffer var, which was already freed causing vulnerability.
that’s it.
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