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Accessing local network while connected to vpn

April 14, 2016 Leave a comment

If you only have one network adapter and if you are connected to VPN then you can not access local network. this situation is problematic for if your internet connection required constant keep alive messages to be send to the gateway. if you are connected to VPN then keep alive message will not go and your internet connection will timeout which infact will disconnect you VPN too.

I faced similar problem when i decided to use local internet provider which were using “24online” or cyberraom client.

I found a dirty hack, you just need to install vmware or virtual box, create one image and then login to your internet provider using that vmimage while you can connect to VPN through your host machine.

from VM you can access local networks and it wont disconnect your internet connection, which is needed for constant VPN working.

So this solved a big issue for me 🙂

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