[updated on 01-August-21]

Following are some of the articles i have written in the past:

Fuzzing ImageMagick and Digging Deeper into CVE-2020-27829

Analyzing CVE-2021-1665 ā€“ Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Windows GDI+

Jet Database Engine Flaw May Lead to Exploitation: Analyzing CVE-2018-8423 for McAfee

Adobe Flash vulnerability, CVE-2018-4878 analysis, for mcafee :

Apache struts vulnerability, CVE-2017-9805 analysis, for mcafee :

Apache struts vulnerability, CVE-2017-9791 analysis, for mcafee :

OpenSSL vulnerability, CVE-2017-3731 analysis, for mcafee:

NTPd vulnerability, CVE-2016-9311 analysis, for mcafee:

Pinterest Scam Article for Virus Bulleting Magzine, Sept-2012 :

Pinterest Scam Toolkits,for mcafee:

Bitcoin botnets, for McAfee:

AutoIT botnets, for McAfee:

Adobe CVE-2011-2462 Analysis,for mcafee:

Facebook Scam, for symantec:

Analyzing malicious code,Hakin9 magazine:

Software Security and Reverse Engineering – an article give brief introduction about software reverse engineering, for  Infosec Writers and developer IQ magazine :

Understanding Sql Injection, for inforsecwriters and developerIQ magazine :

Understanding Cross Site Scripting, for infosecwriters and developerIQ magazine:

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